About Us

About Us

Dear Customers;

In 1995, we took our first steps in Spain.With great enthusiasm…Then we grow,determinately,proudly…Our first journey starts over the Spain and Italy unto Saudi Arabia and Syria,expanded all the way to Asia.In 2005 in China and 2010 in Turkey we built our manufacturing facilites and we have become a great family. In 2019, we continue to grow with our new store in New York. With countless smiles.

While we aim at the happiness of our litle humans,we always keep our work great.
We have been working for they happiness and healthy growth.With great pleasure…
When we prepare our collections, we give priority to the essential things for us.Because we have always believed that baby and children are worthy and they deserve the best. We have always produced the best quality by working devotedly for their health.Today,we are confidently going to be the number one brand in the world that offers the best quality performance in baby and child wear accessory categories,getting the award of working with

Our manufacturing facilities in Europe,the Middle East and the Far East are the reason of happiness for millions of children.We introduced the brand Babydola to Turkey in 2010 and we endeared the fashion of 0-2 years old babies to the world.Today’s young mothers,trust to Babydola’s name same as generations before.
With passion.

We work every day to make Babydola a brand for all babies and children and we run R&D programs thinking of the little ones,we dont miss any details for them.

Carefully,with love...

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