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+ Özenle dikilmiş kumaşı, canlı renkler ve sıcak tutan iç astar + Kış sezonunda eşyalarınızı yağmurdan, nemden korumak için ürettiğimiz deri bebek bakım çantası. For healthy and cheerful babies... + Bebeğinizin sağlıklı gelişiminde önemli rol oynayan rahat uyku için ürettiğimiz battaniye ve yastıklarla bebeğiniz rahat uyur Bizi Takip Edin Barakfakih Mah. Vatan Cad. No:7/1 Kestel / Bursa / TÜRKİYE

Our Purpose

Our goal is for babies to grow up healthy and cheerful. We manufacture every product we produce in compliance with the rules of health and hygiene, avoiding every detail that might spoil the joy of babies. The stories we created for babies in our new creation:


Born during the Italian Renaissance Era Ginger’s biggest passion in life is to paint. When painting she doesnt feeling like she is creating art but is documenting the history. Ginger reminisces in the olden days while frequently using the ‘sfumato’ technique that she has learned from Leonardo Da Vinci. In the year 1502 together with Da Vince they drew a rough draft of a bridge between Istanbul and Galata  and sent it to Beyazit II but didnt recieve and answer in return. It was not important for her where and for whom a creative activity would be appropriate for her talents and passions. In the 15th century, together with Lorenzo, the grandson of Medici family member Cosimo, they supported the architects and sculptors.

There was a golden age. Ginger posed for Benozzo Gozzoli’s creation  “Procession of the Youngest King” on display at the Medici Palace. Ginger’s favorite time is the calm moments when she set up in the arm chair in front of the window and drew a pictures by looking at the Arno river. If your path leads to Italy one day, listen to the floral balcony on the Ponte Vecchio bridge. If you are in the right place, when you raise your head, you will see the deer Ginger smiling at you with her coffee and brushes in hand.


Mallow was born on April 27, on the island of Fuarteventura in Spain. Mallow, who rescued the island, that was frequently subjected to the European pirates, many times, is known as a hero in this volcanic island. Since the island’s vegetation is very wide, he has chosen to develop hisself in this area and makes a living as a herbal healing doctor. He has won many awards in the field of Phytotherapy. He often hangs out at Ajuy Beach, known as the dazzling black fine pebbly beach. Having an incredible pleasure from Kite surfing, Mallow organizes tournaments in this area.  His favorite food is “Majorero Cheese”, a flavor unique to the island made of goat milk.


She was born in Zao Fox Town in Miyagi, Japan, where 6 different types of foxes live together in 1999. A big fan of Trixie Smith, the successful Blues singers father in early 1938, gave this name to her. Trixie, who overhears a conversation agroup hunt for foxes for a fur shop while living peacefully in her town, was hiding in the bag of one of the town visitors to hit the road. When she arrived in Sweden, she immediately started working and established an association on Animal Rights. Trixie is one of the reasons why Sweden is shown as an example in this regard. She is now settled next to her pen pal Ren, who lives in the Jokkmokk region in Sweden, and does not consider returning to Miyagi.